How to enlarge YouTube video thumbnail in Facebook
(YouTube to Facebook Thumbnail)

Ever wonder how my YouTube video thumbnail looks like this in Facebook?















I got sick of how Facebook is presenting YouTube video thumbnails. It’s too small right?








So I found a way to get reconfigure the og metadata of YouTube to a much more engaging thumbnail in Facebook. I changed it to a more article type of look and one more great thing about it is, it plays on the spot. I present the YouTube to Facebook Thumbnail. This tool will help promote your vlogs, video production, etc. by having much sophisticated post in Facebook.

This is how you enlarge your YouTube video thumbnail in Facebook.

Step 1 : Grab your YouTube Video ID

If you don’t know how to do this yet watch this.

Step 2 : Create the shareable link

Put your YouTube Video ID here

Step 3 : Copy and Paste

Copy the whole link and paste it on your post.

BUT WAIT! It’s not going to show up yet. sometimes you have to refresh the page first and cancel the post.
Do it the 2nd time and it’ll show up properly.















Step 4 : Say thanks, spread the word and subscribe

If you want your domain name to show at the author section of the thumbnail. Send me a message / email me and I’ll show you for free. Please subscribe to my channel as a thanks for this sort of helpful tutorial.

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