How to motion timelapse with DJI Osmo

Did you recently purchased a DJI Osmo and expected a motion timelapse feature?. If the answer is yes then I’m sorry to hear that. The DJI Osmo+ has the motion timelapse feature but not the regular osmo. I also made them same mistake and bought the DJI Osmo mainly for doing motion timelapse. I love putting timelapse in my vlogs and I thought that this would take it a step further. But I later found out that I can’t with the regular Osmo. I didn’t want to return it and pay additional $$$ for 1 feature.

So I did my research and found a way to do it. But first let’s talk about how DJI is not releasing this feature with the Osmo firmware. It’s basically the same hardware with extended software features. Here’s the thing, The Osmo+ has the Zenmuse X3 Zoom camera while the Osmo has the Zenmuse X3. It’s almost the same hardware yet they are very much different in terms of price because of the features. I’m not sure if they don’t care about the consumers who already own the Osmo or they just want them to upgrade for more profit but if you ask me, If there’s not a significant upgrade in hardware then they should have the same features. If a third-party app can do it, I’m pretty sure DJI’s devs can release that same feature on the Osmo firmware to keep their consumers happy.

Anyway here’s how to do it.

Also if you’re having a hard time trying to figure out how to mount the osmo to a tripod without buying all the ridiculous accessories that DJI has offered to enable this kind of setup. Just buy this and you’re done.

This is the Osmo universal mount. You this has the basic 1/4″ mounting screw and 2 cold shoe attachments. Really a life saver for me. Cheaper than the DJI Universal mount.

Step 1 :

Mount your osmo somewhere.

Step 2 :

Download the Litci for Osmo app. it’s around $8.99 available for both android and ios. You need this for the motion control.

Step 3 :

After you have installed it. Force stop any DJI apps that’s installed on your phone. (DJI Go / DJI Go 4 / DJI * ) If there’s a running DJI app the Litchi will not properly connect to your camera.

Step 4 :

Run Litch and start setting up your camera settings. try not to auto ISO for the full effect.

Step 5 :

Click the motion control on the middle button at the left side of the hud, this will open motion control. Pan your camera to the start position that you want and click set under the start position. do the same with the end position.

Step 6 :

Set the interval and the duration of the timelapse. Don’t click the video timelapse option this is max 1min which is pointless.

Step 7 :

Save it, Start it and wait.


  • Use a battery extender this will be needed for extended hours of operation.
  • Avoid going over 180 rotation. The motion control calculates the shortest distance possible between the start and end position. meaning if you set start and pan it 270 clockwise it will go 90 counter-clockwise instead.
  • To get the most natural lighting effect, Manually set the ISO instead of going auto.
  • Do it in a separate device not your primary phone.
  • Make sure the device running litchi is in close proximity of the osmo to avoid interference
  • Have a battery pack for the device running litchi for extended timelapse.
  • Match the duration of the clip with your interval in post.
  • Stabilize the whole footage.

Watch the full video you might enjoy it too.

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